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Ric Flo Portrait

Ric Flo

Ric Flo is a London based Rap Artist.
Growing up in foster care, the creative arts became a therapeutic medium of introspection and self-expression.  
His debut project ‘A Boy Called Ric’ is a reflective journey about his life in foster care which has resonated strongly with the undervalued community.
In this new chapter, Ric shows successful growth in his artistry with a slew of singles and Eps.
Most notably with the recent ‘Rise Of The Phoenix’ which debuted 35 

on the iTunes UK Hip Hop / Rap Charts with no PR or marketing.
Created entirely during lockdown, ‘Rebirth of The Phoenix’ is the latest body of work which illustrates Ric’s most recent evolution. Effortlessly flowing from jazzy trap beats to sounds reminiscent of classic hip-hop, Ric doesn’t compromise on his truths. 


Sampling UK Hip-Hop legends like Ty (Rest in Power) on ‘Forbidden Games’ shows Ric has stayed integral to his message of shedding light to stories you don’t often hear about in Black British history. 

‘Rebirth Of The Phoenix’ is a portrait of his journey beyond foster care and carries a sense of musicality that champions why he has a voice that can’t be ignored. 

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