Its A New Dawn 

Its A New Day

REVOLT - Out Now!

Ric Flo

 Ric Flo da anti-hero is one third of the hip-hop collective Jungle Brown (Mr Bongo). 

The new solo single ‘Revolt’ marks a new beginning. 

Growing up in foster care, the creative arts became a therapeutic medium of introspection and 

self-expression. His debut project, ‘A Boy Called Ric’, is a reflective journey about his life in foster care 

and has resonated strongly with the undervalued community.


In this new chapter,  

Ric wants to continue to inspire his community but also connect to the masses in a new way. 

From July onwards, Ric plans to drop a new single every month to cement his name in the game and show that his personal experiences have given him the power and resilience to take his music into new territories and make a mark in popular culture.

©2018 by Ric Flo