• Ric Flo

Double Exposure In-Camera exploration

I have always been fascinated with creating double exposure imagery ever since I applied the technique to my music collective Jungle Browns music video - Full Time back in 2015 (wowzas that long ago).

Aesthetically I'm still super proud of that video and on occasions, I have explored the idea more but felt it was too time-consuming in video and CPU intensive for me to have fun creating more in the long run.

I recently found out through watching Lindsay Adler Creative In-Camera techniques that I can do it ALL IN CAMERA on my Canon RP! bOom

Having owned a Canon 700D and similar Canon crop sensor cameras for the best part of 10 years I pretty much forgot it was possible!

These photos are my first in-camera shots on RP.

Being in a space where I'm exploring my artistry to the fullest with photography, this technique feels like a game-changer for my creative application. I have always been drawn to light painting as it felt illustrative but having access to a studio or always shooting at night isn't always the most flexible..

The fact all I need is a silhouette to work with and then go exploring my environment to find landscapes and compositions to fuse within the subject is something I'm excited to develop more.

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