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Humble beginnings

From humble beginnings I just wanted to document my story, it was a bucket list goal at 24 - make an album about my experience in foster care because I felt that something unique I could bring to the game. I treated it like a Graphic Design project at uni ha, brainstorm the subjects, take people on my journey, end on a positive message.

The process wasn’t easy but it wasn’t supposed to be - I’d never done a project. Let alone something so personal. I never knew anything about the music industry. All I knew is that I have a message and I wana put it out there, hopefully help others.

I quit my fulltime job as a motion graphic designer to go freelance and make more time for music. Went broke not prioritising work and poor time management lol but I knew if this is the only project I do I wana put my all in. Diy everything, videos, artwork, marketing. Ls turn to lessons, lessons turn to blessings.

Got a studio with @junglebrown which made me learn how to be a better MC, challenge me in all aspects of the game. A lot growth comes from collaboration and consistency. Opportunities bubble, gigs, warming up for legends, festivals. Alongside opportunities with social services with creative workshops. Pretty mad when I look back. Grateful for all the growth, all the collaboration and all the support. It’s been a rollercoaster journey.

The creative documentation continues. 🌱💫

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