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Rap Masterclass Success

Ric Flo continues to do creative writing workshops across the country, check out the results below!

Rap Masterclass in Bournemouth with SoundStorm Music Education

Over half-term we brought London-based rapper and producer Ric and Tony back to their hometown of Bournemouth to work with a group of young aspiring rappers. Drawing on the theme of 'Transmission', the group were mentored through the ‘art of rap’ – analysing what makes good rap, and culminating in composing and recording their own piece.

Transmission, the theme of our upcoming event, is about providing a platform for young people to have their voices heard. This track was written entirely by the group from scratch, covering themes that range from love to mental health. ‘Interpretation’ will be performed live at ‘Transmission’ on July 3rd 2019 at Upton Country Park.

(Source: SoundStorm)

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“To come back and do what we didn’t get when we were younger, it’s been amazing” - Ric Flo

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