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Tracksuit Mafia – Part 1

Road is the code

Sirens ring silent boys in suits are violent

Testosterone has a tendency to test its limits

But these naive spirits are not witch wicked

Youth mixed with Bacardi is an Aftershock

for the typical renaissance image

Kids to Skins for your tele-vision

The Lads’ Bible with NUTS women

Home, can be a prison

So show up, show them you know how to be British

Working class proud, loud

Genuine like Spitting Image

Holding fake IDs

Club grown up bubbling like tonic

Not much in the pocket

But lunch money is enough, plus

pre-drinks, than mopeds scream

through city centre circuit links

Nirvana free

The smoke lingers in the air

The more you conversate

The more you build the fear

The Lost Boys of the city are so aware

But who cares?

When they don't know what else to live for

Like Rats on the street

Banksy cant be ignored

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