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The Lamp-post.

I stand tall with confidence but sometimes I stutter Yet I have no mouth so how can that be? I lighten up the truth, set the scene for lovers Romance and Poetry has always been a part of me.

The Sun, should lighten up your day But who serves when he's not awake? Guiding you on the right path you don't need to ask, its my task.

Thats what I was born to do, for everything has a purpose, so my passion is displayed in my action towards you.

As long as I'm maintained I can keep on lightening up your plane, And these flys keep on bugging me but I guess it part of the game. (: I aint complaining, I guess its what you call fame, Its funny.. I'm known world wide yet I got a generic name..

But, that really doesn't matter to me. The matter only lays in the light I shed on humanity Because I know darkness can create anarchy But if I can help, I want to give you clarity.

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