• Ric Flo

Unfinished Family business

Home is a battlefield

Home is where I put on a shield

to protect me

You can’t correct me




Accept it


Arguing only makes me flee

Or become passive

We don’t want to address our interaction

Being misunderstood

Got me questioning what this is

A bed and breakfast

Life is a bitch

And Heaven and hell brews in the kitchen

There’s no other space for bubbling and spitting

But I love the fact I have a bedroom to write down my feelings

Write down I’m winning

Right down on women?

No really, I’m a workaholic in theory

And too picky but it’s all good

I will take my time

Because as long as I surround myself with how i see love, it will be fine

The irony of how I’m living

The resilience of what the battleship shipping

The amount of times I’ve wanted to set sail

Rather than swimming

Rather than swim in

Rather than sink in

Drowning is not the symptom

Breathe and let go

Keep it movin for the long distance

Everything will make sense…

Unfinished Family business


©2019 by Ric Flo