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The Prologue to A Boy Called Ric

With some advice from a Virtual Headteacher and In the advent of releasing new music very soon, I have been inspired to rap genius my solo project (2013) which started this music journey.

Each day I will be going deeper into the influence of each track to help other young people reflect on their journey.


(At Waterloo station SFX)

A new place to lace my future, traveling on the train of thought, can I move ya.

I contemplated on the concept

bearing all of myself, naked to the content,

But the truth will be told, this adaptation of a kid who lived in a foster home, home

From soul to soul, I’m trying to connect like a magnet to a pole

A new journey - London to the coast

A new family - how well will they handle me

Is this only temporary,

is this place gona make the bad me a better me, I don’t know

I’m just doing what my mum request

Hope my life is bless

Hope, I can settle in the tree of my new nest,

Yet, fly and be free

whatever that means, I’m just tryna find me

I’m just tryna find me

I’m just tryna find me

If you asked me how I feel I would say I’m okay

Didnt wanna leave what I know but my mum I obey

She said it had to be this way don't worry its just a phase

there’s been a bit of trouble, I just need to get straight

She was vague but not being a brave kid

I wouldn’t do a Q & A

I know that she would slap me and put me in my place

Now I’m leaving hackney with my little suitcase

Destination Bournemouth, boarding a Waterloo train

Watching my reflection, in the glass

I know this is not a game, watching the city fly past

I know I’m heading for change

This place seems to be along way a way

I wonder if I will see my friends again? No pain

I never had many, my main friends

was my shadow and my mothers tele

A recluse that was told to read books

but never did it because I’d rather draw pictures

and fantasies over a better living

The kid in-between two worlds tryna understand it

In the groove, theres a person

Sounds like his hurting, head wrapped up in thoughts like a turban

but music is the sunshine, so he opens up his curtain

lets the light in cause he knows that its worth it,

because he knows that his life is not worthless,

because he knows God gave him a purpose

So what he does, you know he’s got to murk it

We all have problems, its just how we exert it

Turn a negative into a positive thats how it circuits

because we all have the key its just how we turn it

so when we open doors things are never perfect

but with imagination change can surface

so he brings his fire to the furnace

some will get burnt but the truth is what he worships

so either flow with him or abandon ship

this is a story of a boy called Ric

(Arrival in Bournemouth SFX)

The Prologue is a retrospective journey about moving from London to Bournemouth.

First verse is about thoughts and hope

Second verse is how I felt at the time

Third verse is from third person perspective giving you my intention and purpose of the project.

Music Video was shot on my phone and I literally took the train journey to get the sound fx!

Another fun fact: Keep It Movin from Jungle Brown, my first bar is ‘a new place to lace my future…’ bridging the connection of Bournemouth/London and group music to solo music.

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