• Ric Flo


Its Dark and hell is hot

treading on egg shells

living in this melting pot

So what you cooking in the kitchen?

I don't know but this dyslexic foul mouth

aint Gordon Ramsay spitting

Them statistics make me out to be a villain

But who knew the archetype that I foster

was always meant to be winning

Adopt the Superhero, the weirdo,

The I don't give a f..ear doe,

The cheerio, the coconut, the annoying yout in the ear hole,

Take care, if you can’t Hackett,

this Burberry might have to move on,

Call me a Chav because you cant handle this baggage

Foreign language yet we speak the same

I’m British but its like Brexit is your claim to fame

What a shame

Bullies can have the clout, I don't need it

Insecurities show up in many forms, Can you feel it?

Home Sweet Home,

It's noisy yet I’m alone

Family business is a strange

Generation Wealth? Thats alien to what I know

Alien is how I roll

Rare to care in the space where I learn to face fear

with open hands

that show scars as I unfold

Only bold because of experience

So young hero never say never

Stay Pan and resilient

Peter told parker with his spider vision

Hes Dad got killed so how are we any different?

Moving on

I don’t want to be angry

I was born to be Don

Besides, I cant think straight when I’m angry

They want me to go to plan b

But I’m exhibit A in this Jumanji

Heaven before All hell breaks loose, Plan B

I hope they understand me

I don’t want to cause harm

even if farmed without understand the tragedy

Tradition is in anarchy

change has to come

The revolution is love

whether televised or not


©2019 by Ric Flo