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Transfixed state,

Self-inflicted weight,

Strain in the name of success,


I give patience no space,

But my universe is great,

alien millennial

feeling lukewarm strange

I don't know my grey neighbours,

And what's friends without hue-kind favours?

We don't show feelings on this train of thought

But who cares, we getting this paper!

Snakes and ladders dress our nature

Roll the dice, beat your Chess,

Friday nights, drink and flex

LOL for the heart, no stress

Pain is love I guess,

Killing me softly

I'm pressed

Killing me softly

I'm vexed

Killing me softly

I'm depressed

I've got to get out of this mess

I got to get my balance in check

Grass is green in this city

Checkmate before I rest

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