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Have you ever imagined being a Vampire?

Propelling paper planes

M.I.A to tradition

The Lagos Lost boy

who still cant tell the difference

between his strength and his conditioning

He drains the life of loose women

like Mankind do to animals

but life's a cancer

so who's the real victim

Mirror, I can't see myself in your reflection

Invisible to the politics you elected

I've accepted that I will remain on these edges

drain the rats for guilty pleasures

Eat the flesh of my flesh

because I don't know any better

Wait, mate, blud,

blood is thicker than water,

but theres something in the water

so gentrify the disorder

they never asked the underdog in the corner

Vlad has a taste to divide and conquer

Conflict is rich,

the sickness get poorer

Stalking in the shadows

Nosferatu sucking life from bone marrow

The target is always channelled

Cupids fantasy for red arrows

Undead inflict lynching

out of mind slaves to time

What else is there to do

When you don't get no sunshine

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