• Ric Flo

Radiant Child

The radiant rainbow child, gold is filled within his smile

playing with ghost where fragile minds run wild

head skittled in the clouds seeking never never

Dreams levitate him from the shadows of reality with pleasure

Before he wears a cloak immersed in comics of hope

he never knew the parallels would mirror the pillar of his notes

His playstation was imagination

frequencies of the flow state avoided the thought of isolation

Pen and paper the foundation, its fascinating

the little he had, he felt abundant in the application

dyslexic in his education but his actions spoke louder than words

His only special need was elevation

Foster care and patience, bitter parents unaware

but his not in their matrix, Discipline?

Hmm How far can you take it

When fear is thought to be the best method of education

The simplest war starts with miscommunication

The language of neglect, was never stated

But when the state found out,

they took him from that status

Even where they took him he's parents were racist

Familiar but tasteless, puzzling in this arrangement

Home can be confusing in this relation

So he continues to remember joy with ghost

for irony and entertainment


©2019 by Ric Flo