• Ric Flo

Rap A gain

Moody as fuck

Real poetry never had luck

M.C Neat

Dark as night

We dance to silent screams

Thief’s theme

Never gets played

it was all a dream

Sip slow with lemonade

Memories won’t fade

But you still want the College Dropout to be the same way

YaySchool is over

Rock the belles can’t be saved

But this jigga is a new Hova

Less Talib more Joyner

More Talib than Joyner

Take that Dirt off your shoulder

He’s just older

Mo money mo problems

Less public, mo options

Mo traffic, mo assumptions

But in this design, form doesn’t follow function

Break the chain,

Blood leaves stains but we away

How far can you run and succeed until you come home again?

Alone again, I think it shows again

The gig with lit

but I didn’t grow again.


©2019 by Ric Flo