• Ric Flo

Where are you really from?

Are you really really from the ends?

Are you really the same as your friends?

I'm sorry I never chose to follow the trend

I was mixed with a different blend

Where being black was never the same again

And Love was given a new meaning I couldn't comprehend

At first, my thirst was curious to follow a new herd

Where they hopscotched across subjects

and the playground was where something familiar emerged

I'm not at school no more but the class is more sophisticated

It's funny, I have been called a coconut by black people

and nigga from a racist

Both of them were related

Both classed as 'family' in this matrix

Mental.. but have patience, young one

In retrospect, your abundance with experience forced changes

That made you never become complacent

You have sat in class with ignorant education

And graduated with 1st class honours

So when they ask you where your from?

Tell em your from where statistics are horrid

Where most are lost and forgotten

Slaves to a system thats broken, rotten

But you refused to be trod on

You trod on, keep it movin

To the beat of your on drum

Self developed strength

To exhibit in your own Tate modern

Life reflecting art

So regardless of the consensus

This mix of pain, scars and blemishes

Won't ruin my attendance

Menace to society,

The underdog of notoriety

Has lived with variety

that luckily has made him see the major key

'We the best' because we chose to be

So when they ask you where your from?

Tell em I don't know where to start

But I know where I belong

Where resilience breathes and life goes on


©2019 by Ric Flo